Really miss her?

but I think she's already going out with another guy (it's been a month since we last spoke). and now I'm starting to get a few girls I'm seeing but I don't know if ill like them better than her and too much time will pass.

other thing though is we weren't liking each other too much towards the end and I really fucking miss her right now It'll just be the same again. but it might be that way with other girls too.

is it better to wait to see if she'll text me or should I message her. or move on..

tldr: miss her, what do


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  • Missing someone is painful , it feels like you've suffered a loss, If you miss her then call her or text her. Life is too short to ignore people you care about. If she doesn't respond , or doesn't want contact with you, then you will be able to move on easier coz it's probably the " not knowing what she is thinking" or how she feels about you that's keeping you holding

    • holding *on**

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    • Just contact her and be open and honest with her. Her response will help you to determine if it's best to move on or pursue her

    • unfortunately she just decided to fucking flaunt dhes going out with some douche looking idiot today

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