I have a crush on one girl?

Ok, here is the situation… we both are in the same high school… I was fascinated by her one day. We never meet each other, because I am afraid to see her face to face. I bought her gifts for birthdays (a necklac switch her name on it), Christmas ( her favorite perfume), and she accepts my friends acceptance on SC. However the situation get worse. I tried about 7 times to ask her out, but she always says I can’t. The last time I asked her, she said that she likes someone else already and tell me to move on. It hurts so much ( I still feel the pain). A couple days later, I wrote her a good bye letter and send it to her on SC. However she deleted me when she saw that I sent her a message…she graduated on yesterday, so I left a dozen of flowers and a love letter in front of her house. She has no response so far What should I do now?


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  • You should stop, maybe she thinks that you're a creep or something. Leave her alone, she's not interested. I know it hurts but you should move on.


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  • The crush will pass as you get older and find a real woman.


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