Can someone who knows about personal loans help me please. Thanks. ?

Can you help me out!
Before my husband was qualified within his field of work; we took out numerous loans. Due to our interest being almost 30%; we though we would consolidate it into one easy payment.
We asked for $90,000. And were declined.

My husbands credit is perfect, and he earns about $2,100 a WEEK. They said his income is not enough to be eligible for the loan? The loan is $1,300 a MONTH! Wtf? Can someone please tell me why the heck they would say he couldn't afford it when he gets more a week, than what repayments are a month? 😡 Why is it so hard to loan money? Far out! It's pretty ironic when you're 99% likely to be earning more than the lenders themselves. :-/


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  • i know it ans bt i really can't it share with you due to language barrier..


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