Why do people think they deserve a chance after months of ghosting you?

So my girlfriend ex boyfriend after 15 months now wants a 2nd chance with her after 5 months of slowly ghosting her. She tried to make things work but he simply wouldn't reply to her messages and when he did he had nothing but excuses and one word replies. She would drive 1 hour to see him and he couldn't even get off his Xbox 95℅ of the time and a lot of other bs just wasn't a good boyfriend. I just find it very funny becuase he message my girlfriend on Facebook asking when is she coming over. Sadly my girlfriend didn't reply


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  • Honestly, because they realise how lonely and possibly desperate they are

    • Yea maybe just it's too late I feel bad for the guy but he should move on. If I had as many chances as him I wouldn't have taken it for granted

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