How should I cheer up a sibling who just went through a bad divorce?

wel its about my cousin sister, she got together witha guy and after 7years is divorcing her for another woman.. not only that he took it down to court so that he doesn't have to give alimony and can prove that my sister is to blame.. she is completely heartbroken.. she means a lot to me, she was a dancer and loved to dance but recently she stopped everything and comletely shut herself off. i am worried.


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  • Meet up with her and do something you guys use to do that you both liked

    • i tried that... but that still seems to be a problem.. as she was away with him. for 4years.. so everytime she used to. miss me.. she would go on motorcycle roadtrips with him as we used to go.. now that reminds her of that jerk..

    • Damn. Well maybe just be with her for a couple of days or weeks. Be there with her maybe?

    • ya.. i am trying to do that.. but its been 7months.. tgats what is worrying me

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