PLEASE HELP: My ex boyfriend (25) offered to call me sometimes. Can I take this as sign for reconciliation?

I broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago. It was due to some very complicated reasons. We haven't talked since the break up, but 5 days later, he messaged me a job hiring post (I've been job hunting for awhile). I casually thanked him and he didn't reply. 4 days later, I messaged him asking how he was and how's things going. He replied immediately. He told me all the problems he's still facing (his dad recently just got half-paralyzed, his mother's asthma is getting worse, and his company is close to hitting the ground). He told me that he's crying everyday, always drinking before he sleeps so he feels numb. Everything is downhill in his life. I asked him what his plan is, and told me he might be grabbing the opportunity to work in London, so he might not be here next year anymore.

He has also asked me how I was, and and my job hunting and also offered to keep helping me find a job. He was glad that I was okay. I said thanks and that I'd be glad to help him with anything as well. He jokingly asked me if I can help him with emotional problems, and I said how can I help him. He thanked me and said I'm already helping him and he would call me sometimes. I replied sure, and he didn't reply anymore.

I can say that he doesn't despise me but he isn't opening about reconciliation. What does this mean? What should I do at this point?


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  • Oh boy...
    Ok honey, you have a very serious situation here. The guy that you are describing is hurting. A lot. A currently you are probably the only light in his tunnel. Everything around him is falling down so he is trying to return to lost peace of his life that he associate with good feelings.
    Does it mean something? Yes. It means that he needs help. He needs help of someone close. Someone that he can tell about him crying at night (trust me, for us guys admitting that is HUGE).
    But I'm not sure that he needs a girlfriend right now. It might be, it might be not. Hard to say without any details. He might expect from you to be supportive friend. And maybe he expects from you to be his supporting girlfriend again.
    But in any case, you have to be careful. Otherwise you might hurt him even worse and in his situation this may lead to something drastic...

    • I feel really really bad that I wasn't at his side the past few days and I want to be there for him now as much as I can. These problems he has has been going on for almost 2 months now. So I know it all and I've been beside him during his lowest point.

      But I'm worried that he's not thinking of getting back together again. I don't want to talk to him about our breakup as I don't want to add more drama to his life. He seems like he's into our conversations when talk, but not opening about reconciliation. What can I do in my situation?

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    • Go hug him then...
      If you both are miserable without each other and he needs you at this moment... Then go to him for God's sake! :D
      Good luck for both of you! Hope I helped

    • Thank you so much for your time!

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  • can I be totally honest It sounds to me he just wants to off load on you which keeps you like bait on a hook waiting for that bite where your lives may in twine again this isn't good for either of you Certainly not for you Your start to feel hopeless Failure because you can't help I do believe for my hearts of heart you need a clean break from each other or your never feel you can move on x

    • I want him back. I can see that he still cares about me. But he has not opened about possible reconciliation. What should I do at this point?

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    • @Muz123 I'll take note of that. Thank you for your time!

    • My time is always devoted to helping others so your welcome x

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