I'm overthinking?

Okay so this I've been overthinking this too much for more than two years. I know y'all gonna say 'go move the f*ck on'.

But when I got over it, It keeps coming back that makes me miss my ex-girlfriend. I deleted her phone number but I did not unfollow her social media.

I don't know why I feel this way today as I noticed everytime I changed my profile picture, she would also changed her profile picture that is similiar to mine. So I'm assuming that is she trying to play mind games with me.

Please help.

Thank You.


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  • Why don't you try posting a song and see if she also posts a song in response.

    Maybe one with a title asking something.

    Then you will see if it's a coincidence or response.

    You obviously still care for her, wouldn't you be curious to see what happened if you reached out to her? I feel like you're thinking "what if"

    • You're right. Maybe I care way too much and overreact of 'what ifs' trying to reach out for her. I felt much better now.

      Thanks for listenin' :-)

    • It's normal to feel that way.

      But if you don't reach out to her you'll never know. Surely it's worth the risk of being rejected than to never know at all?

  • wait. you posted about having a crush on a 16 yro but u love her ex still?


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