Why do guys always go for my friends?

I am 5'9 girl slim built but on the thicker side and I'm currently in grade 10. Ever since I've just started grade 10 I've been self conscious with myself. I have a gap in my front teeth and that took me long to learn and love it. Soon I'm getting braces but it don't matter to me if it's there or not. My friends tell me I have nice features but I don't see it cuz no one else compliments me even the girls. Two of my friends are short and have been getting guys since junior high till now. One of my other friends is tall but an inch smaller than me, since high school started, many guys have been hitting on her. Guys in my school aren't attracted to black girls, like my self, although I see so many beautiful black girls who come to school looking like goddesses. But some are in relationships. They say that guys won't approach you if you're are shy, but I'm the complete opposite from that. I've always wanted a close guy friend but all they do is talk about how they like my friends, which is cute but then they stop talking to me after a while. My self esteem went downhill I don't wear makeup but I did shape my eyebrows recently for the first time in 15 years, and I still don't feel beautiful. I am a very sociable person but sometimes when I talk to others I always think about what they think of my appearance. I get anxiety but I don't show it. It's also hard for me to show my emotions since I'm so bubbly. I always tell myself that if I were a guy, I would totally go for myself because I'm a very fun person to be around with. But what is wrong with me?


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  • Maybe some white guys don't find you attractive... most white guys don't even like black girls really but some do... also maybe it's the height... like some guys are shorter than 5'9 and also don't even like tall girls... but don't care about what they think... be yourself... be you and do you. One day you'll find the right guy who will think that you are beautiful.


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  • Nothing is wrong with you. It's just high school. And guys are not mature enough to understand in high school. They just go for easy girls. And it's better for you to wait.

    You know why we have to wait for pizza more than the time it takes to be delivered?
    Because the anticipation just makes it taste that much more better.
    So wait and have better experience later.

  • Just gotta have confidence and find someone that isn't a piece of shit.

  • "Thicker side"

    There's your answer.

    • When I say thicker side I mean that I got bigger boobs and bigger butt than most tall a slim girls have. My stomach is flat and I have an athletic build.

    • Then I'm don't know.

      Not gonna lie, I only got to "thicker side" before I responded. Usually (99%+ of the time), that's a euphemism for 'fat'.

      Maybe these guys know your friends will put out, but you're unknown.
      Maybe all the guys in your school prefer slimmer girls.
      Maybe you don't realize it but you have Resting Bitch Face.

      Maybe a lot of things. I can't make a good guess based on what you've said so far.

      Do guys like hanging out with you? Have any said you're cool, fun, anything like that?

  • maybe they are intimidated by you.


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