Insight and advice needed to move on?

Hi, I am an university female student figuring out the ending of my first relationship. I will attempt to make the story short and looking for advice, insight, and honest opinions.
I met Ryan* at a part-time job. We became instant friends and I shared with him some of my struggles moving to a large University and that I felt I had anxiety. We became close friends.
We began to develop feelings for each other after being friends for awhile. I wanted to keep the friendship we had because I was going to study abroad soon for a past summer. he kept encouraging me to date him, and I finally agreed. After I agreed, I found out he was lying to me by staying on Tinder and posting relationship status on facebook without having my friends or family to see. I realize this could of been because it was my first relationship and I wasn't always the best girlfriend in his eyes because I am also very independent and getting ready to study abroad. He felt I should of spent more time with him. He was also my co-worker and I didn't want to ruin that bond either. I felt so used and broke up with him soon after of getting no support and being lied to.
After study abroad I came back and he messaged me. We began meeting up and shared with him I wished we could be friends in the way we met each other and start there again. He would rarely text me back and when I would get upset, he would come back and say he "Missed me, he cared". I felt crazy and lashed out.
I went to his apartment and knocked on his door asking to talk after feeling used again. I cried because we did have good times and sweet moments. I shared with him that I am having struggles in college and he meant a lot. I asked if I would ever see him again and he said: "I don't know. Time will tell." and the reason he changed was "because you left to study abroad". I cried a lot and he shut the door. What do you think? And do guys remember and change with "time will tell?"


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  • Sounds like he was just making excuses. the"time will tell" bit is just a polite way of saying he doesn't have interest really. I don't really have any advice to offer unfortunately.

    • Do you think we will ever talk again if we both get space and remember the good things?

    • Maybe... but realistically by that time it won't concern you. Thing is... sounds like his intentions were to never be just friends... so he may have no interest in ever doing that. But he could one day mature

    • Thanks

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