Should I forget him and how?

I am 19yo japanese girl and was seeing a 21yo serbian who met during my study abroad in Serbia.
I broke up with him last week because I love him but long distance relationship made me can not see the future with him.
I know I did stupid thing
shouldn't I have told him break up with me even I see no future with him?
( I am sorry that my English is difficult to understand


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  • Tell me this! When can you be together for real? when can someone of you move to the other one's place..

    • its cool to be around the 🌎 world

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    • i thought you're pertaining to girls, or its just your comment for this post?

    • I give my opinion to anyone I feel I can help. maybe more to girls than boys yes. so what does this make me?

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  • well its not, your still young, i guess money won't be an issue in time, my aunt been married to a japanese, while my aunt from the philippines

    i think you should take it slow, if u love him, you shouldn't have let him go,

    but i know its hard to be in a long distance relationship,

    so if u. will let him go,

    be sure that, your ready to move on and forget him completely


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  • just try to get back with him and see how it goes because trying is never a bad thing and do it because you love him


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  • just leave it to time

  • Follow your heart


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