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my husband of 20ys has left to move in w/his girlfriend & her kids. i can't understand how he doesn't think of us or miss us? did he FAM out of love that quick? when did he even start? why did he go through the motions of crying wanting his family back just to pick a fight & leave?


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  • Its the same question us guys ask ourselves when women just up and expose divorce papers... except... two more things happen...
    usually they coerce us into marriage first... then turn around and divorce us AND this happens more times than the other way around.. look up the divorce rates... what is it now? 76%?
    and about 60% of that... started by women.
    So... hey... he wants to fall out of love with a woman who stuck around for 20 years for some young blood... do the same shit men do... just say "fuck that hoe"... and find yourself some young blood too.
    don't get me wrong... im not siding with you... matter of fact... i think you may the reason why he left... cuz guys ARE committed but that factors in on the female almost 100%. so if he left after 20... there was something not being addressed.
    BUT you asked the question... so by default... i see through your eyes... you just don't throw 20 fucking years away... no... there's more years to figure some shit out... so..."fuck that hoe"... go get some young blood too.

    • I can honestly say idfky he cheated? he had the ideal life never nagged, gave him his space because he was doing his role wk/provide & I MORE than did mine in EVERY way.

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    • I'm not one to nag. never called him outside his name either. I know I have faults didn't say I was perfect. if asking when he'd be home or why you talking to this chick is nagging guess I'm a nag. my moma old school & I'm the same. tend to ur house man & kids. he's got final say got 3 boys never went out always home w/them. kept up on my appearance too. he'd cheat w/women who were at least 180+ im 4'9 126 36d wear size 4/6 so I don't understand.

    • ok now you replied (with way more info and i will come at you in a min)...
      yea... that when are you coming home question... not that big a deal... when when it happens a few times, can i just tell you when i am? so yea... nag... now.. to You.
      He cheated and you still stuck around? now i can't decide who i wanna smack upside the head... you or him. before i decide... i want to ask a question... i think you said he moved in with some other girl and her kids... i understand your perspective wanting to keep the family together and wanting the kids to have their dad around... but my question is... if you know he cheated... why stick around?

  • Disgusting... I thought my ex leaving me after 3 years for no other reasons then SHE CHEATED and I forgave her lol that's right she cheated and I forgave but she left to be single.. so people just don't know how lucky there are people that up and leave without a dam good reason are a waste of space


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