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OK so, I have been in a relationship with this guy for a year and one month. Things have always been kinda rocky but somehow we've managed to stay together. Well I really love him but recently things have gotten bad. We used to text 24/7 and talk on the phone every night and now we barely talk at all and since it's summer, we don't see each other as much since there's no school and neither one of us can drive (we both have our learner's permit though).

I feel like he doesn't care about me as much because he never tells me how he feels and he used to tell me all the time. Sometimes he acts like he has no interest in me whatsoever. Although he told my friend that he was just getting "comfortable" in the relationship. It p*sses me off that he can't at least try to make me feel special every now and then. I have tried talking to him about it but he just gets mad.

Do you think I should end things or try to work it out? I love him and he says he loves me too but I'm tired of all the same old sh*t. I don't know what to do:( Help me!


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  • Your problem is that you're used to one thing and the change over the summer is making you paranoid. Don't let it. If you love him then just remember that, and let that reassure you. It's very hard to do but the only reason he's probably getting mad at you is possibly because you might be nagging or constantly bringing up this issue with him and whining about it. That could be annoying him and making him want even more space. If you want him to miss you and treat you special then show that you deserve to be. Give him a little space. Don't call him, send him a few texts a day but don't always make yourself available. When he tries to find you then have a normal conversation. Don't bring up anything bothering you and just enjoy each other. See where that takes you. If you actually loved him, you wouldn't be so quick to end things at all and you'd understand that love is a journey with another person, not a written language set in stone.


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  • Well If you love him, why Give Up? Maybe he needs a breather so he can get his mind right. Trust me when someone is bugging you everyday it can put a strain on you unless, you're pampering them.


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