my baby dad an me have been saparated for over 8 months now.. an he has been mad cuz I don't want to stay the night with him because I'm over the whole thing we held on for 11 years an 3 wonderful kids later... so yesterday I went check my Facebook and he was on there talking a lot of bad things about me and tagging me in his post so everybody can see them... an keep in mind ours kids had gotten tooken over a year ago an I've been working my butt off to get them back. not him JUST ME!! there supposed to be returned on the 19 of This mouth !! but now that he did what he did an my workers an family an friends have seen all of what he put which​ was none of it was true but to something so disturbing an evil.. now I don't think I will have the chance to get my kids an I'll loose them forever.. an they are my life with out them I have nothing to hold on to...


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  • Only thing I will say, I'm sure you already knew years ago. One can never embrace their future, holding on to their past. One must let go of those good and bad times in order to write a new chapter in life.

    • it will never change all he does is say it's always my fault.. an last night really put the icing on the cake... I tried a. I'm tired

    • One can never base their happiness on others or trying to make others happy. Not for the sake of kids, not for marriage not for peace of mind. We simply must let go and find ourselves or that merry-go-round will continue till your dead.

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  • You need to get him out of you life for good. Maybe disable your account until you have your kids. They do look at socially media. But fuck that guy. Keep doing what you're doing get your kids hopefully you can go to school too. show them you're improving.


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