I can I get her to?

How can I open up her heart to re loving me? To giving us a chance? It's like knocking at a door with nobody home.. she says she's misses talking to me and we had something special, but she's not with me because she doesn't want to be... after 3 years with each other... and we broke up because she cheated on me but I choose to forgive her, but she still walked away.. it's been 5 months now and I just don't know what I'm to do?


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  • try to get over her because you deserve a woman that is better than this. she doesn't respect you and she never will. I'm sorry

    • It's so strange how she so called went from being in love with me to this, just the other day she was saying how what we had was special? I mean I'm confussed if it was that special then why didn't she want to fix things and work stuff out? Thanks for your input.. something's gone very wrong in her mind I think somewhere

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    • I think yes. if you want to do something that really helps you forgett about her and learn to respect yourself. only if you respect yourself your partner can respect you.

    • Ok thank you

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. I know what it feels. I was in relationship with her for 12 years and she just married another guy leaving me alone. I know what it feels.

    • Sorry for your loss to its a horrible feeling to lose the one person you truly care for

    • we were with together from age of 5 and we loved each other.

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