It's said that when a guy breaks up with you rudely it's because he still loves you. what?

so I heard a classmate say today, that when men want nothing to do with a girl they seen pretty relaxed and happy when breaking up because they dont give a shit about the girl or the relationship but when he's ride and harsh dueing breakup like he just doesn't want to say anything else but just break up, it means he's pissed a lot at you but still there are feelings' I didn't think its true but now that I think of it it seems legit. so guys, any opinions?


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  • I'm a guy who would fall into that category and here's how it works for me. I've only exhibited that behavior in one of my relationships and it was a reaction/response to the depth of my feelings for her, the depth of her feelings for me, and being the kind of guy that will burn a city to the ground if it stands between me and my partner (figuratively speaking). Men instinctively use anger and aggression as tools to overcome a threat more than a woman due to our shared experiences throughout human evolution. I'm not the kind of guy who starts fights, I don't have any interest in violent sports, and I have a sense of compassion for the suffering of others that is sometimes overwhelming. However, I will fiercely fight for something I think is worth fighting for, as was my previous relationship. And if I feel that I am being ignored or treated unfairly in that process, the anger is likely to flare (which can be damaging to a relationship). But if I have little to no feelings involved in the girl and our relationship, then you'll find me handling it like a kind and considerate robotic diplomat. The parting is peaceful and on good terms because there is nothing about it that feels like a threat to me in any way.

    • And many women have unfortunately experienced guy's who suddenly seem like they couldn't care less about them when they leave or potentially worse, the ones who are basically sociopaths and don't even bother to mention that they've left the relationship. That behavior is the result of the same lack of feelings, but also a lack of human decency.

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  • I mean it's possible just because ANYTHING is possible but no, generally a guy treats you like crap when he breaks up with you because he thinks you're crap.
    Guys aren't complicated, and this isn't a feminist ideal men will tell you the same thing. It's women who make men more complex than they really are lol

    • maybe in some cases where the guy himself is crap but as far as what I've seen when a guy used to genuinely care and love his girl, and due to fights or anger or mostly depression he breaks ip with her and acts out, and the guys who dont care just tell them that they're breaking up

    • like they break up even so cold and talk like nothing hapoen, the guy who acts out and just doesn't give a response to anything properly instead of anger,

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  • This is true. Just went through this today with my ex. The more the guy cares the more he'll act out

    • yeah, because I went through the sane with my ex. he really acted out, he cared so much for me but then he took all his insecurities out on me by making me feel like i was the more caring and needy and expecting one. he really acted out and fought and when I tried talking to him he just misbehaved with us. us being me and a friend. and after a week I texted him but he was still so pissed so he blocked me abd didn't even say a word

    • That's really true? I got into an argument with my ex on Monday night who I had been talking to regularly and I haven't talked to him since

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  • that also depends on the guy, what kind of person he is.

    • I'll say, a depressed person who is a bit insecure , but in the relationship was very very much loving and caring

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    • yup, that's a different thing. he's a nice guy so he didn't act rude but when a nice guy acts rude thats what they said there's some unknown reason behind the breaking up. I don't know if its true or not though

    • I guess yes

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