How do you get over feeling betrayed from getting cheated on?

I dumped my boyfriend last week because he tried to cheat on me. I really miss the person that I thought he was, but I can't be with someone who disrespects me and betrays me in that way. Our relationship was great (it was only a couple months, but I didn't see anything wrong and he claimed to love me) so I don't understand why he did it. I know I'm better off without him and worth more than being cheated on, but I feel so betrayed because I trusted him and I believed him when he said he would never cheat on me and that he loved me

If anybody else has been cheated on, how do you deal with the feelings of betrayal?


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  • Sorry that happened.

    Besides time healing all wounds, you can take some solace in the notion that he's the one who really missed out on someone great, and that you found out what he's really like before you got in any deeper into your relationship. That doesn't feel like much, I'm sure. Again, sorry. I saw some of your questions as things developed; I was rooting for you.

    • Thank you

      I told my friends I'm glad I found out early rather than later because it's easier to break it off now than later. We were still really getting to know each other, but he said he would never cheat on me and I genuinely thought he cared about me

      I know I'm better off without him, but I can't help feeling betrayed because I was starting to trust him and I don't trust a lot of people. Even my cat liked him, so I thought he was a good person

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    • Wise. All the best to you.

    • Thank you for MHO.

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  • I got cheated on and it hurt me because he was my first. But I had awesome friends at the time to help me get through it. Some guys are jerks that's why you never get to attached to the point you give them power to control how you should feel.

    • He was my first bought too. I've been talking a lot with my friends and they're all supportive of my decision to break up with him. I really thought he wasn't a jerk and I've never felt like I did with him with anybody else

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    • I really hope I do. As of now I feel better alone than with a cheater. If there's a guy out there for me who is faithful, I hope I get to meet him someday

    • You will, you can learn so much about yourself when your single. You won't tolerate assholes and you will be more smarter with choosing good guys.

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  • I've never been cheated on but being cheated on and breaking up have their similarities... one being their resolutions... and the only working resolution is time... as time passes by you will stop feeling hurt and betrayed and you will not feel bad about it... let time pass by, focus on other things... stay away from relationships for as long of a time as you need... Thats all you need is time to heal and to get over stuff... talk to your friends or family or just some person who will actually hear you out... I will hear you out if want... but anyways yeah time is your best friend... things happen fast but time goes by even faster...

    • I've talked to a couple of people about it, and they basically said the same thing as you. Thank you. I agree I need time and I definitely don't want to get in a rebound relationship

      I just feel betrayed because I really loved him and thought he loved me and he was my first boyfriend. I feel used because he threw away my love for him for someone who wasn't even interested in him (my best friend and she showed me the screenshots of his texts to her). I'm confused because our relationship was great and I don't understand why he tried to cheat on me when it was so good. I also don't understand why he wasted my time since I told him on day one I wasn't going to tolerate him cheating on me

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    • Oh ok sorry I didn't know it yeah he's the wrong one in this whole situation it's his fault he shouldn't of tried to hook up with your friend... you'll be alright within enough. time though...

    • Yeah. He didn't technically cheat because she rejected him, but the intent was there, and intent has the same affect on a relationship

      Thanks. It's been a week and I do feel better. I do miss the good parts, but I mostly feel betrayed right now. I'm still a little shocked because I didn't see it coming

  • This was your first relationship right?

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    • Most guys on this site do. You're going to end up alone, bitter, and miserable like them if you give into that mentality

    • Yeah it's something we have to live with whether we like it or not

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