Really complicated break up?

So, a couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I broke up after almost 6 years of dating. We both agreed that we just needed to take care of ourselves before we could take care of each other. I still have tons of feelings for him, and I know that he feels the same way. But, I just feel like I'm not taking enough time to be on my own or anything like that.

I can't really picture my life without him, but I just feel like if we get back together then it's like we broke up for no reason, and we haven't really solved anything. Opinions?


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  • After all this time
    You still have feelings for him
    And feel you need more time on ur own
    So then be on your own
    Seems you still might be hurting inside

    Im wondering why u two broke up
    And if u have kept in contact this whole time, even as friends

    • there were many reasons why we broke up, but the biggest reason was the amount of stress we both had. we've kept in contact because we still care about each other very much.

    • I find that being in contact is very hard when trying to move on...
      Im now wondering if u even want to move on.
      I feel you made this decision to solve... something... some type of issue. And until you solve it then you can't move past this.
      I'll give u my way of things
      Couples means 2 people
      there's no "I" in couples
      Its you two together
      For everything
      So if there's something u two wanted to solve, u should have taken on this problem together instead of separately. I do well on my own and if I was gonna end it, I end things for good, there's no coming back and no keeping in touch, once its over, its over.

    • yeah, I understand that. however, I think that the break up was almost therapeutic in the sense that it relieved a lot of tension and stress. the one thing I know for sure is that he and I never wanted it to come to that

  • okay so who initiated the breakup is my first question and have you seen him since The Break-Up and is he screwing someone else those are my three questions do you have any inclination that he might be with someone else because after 6 years I would not have broke up I would have asked you to marry me there is no way that if you love someone that you want to let them go after six years damn it doesn't work that way if you want to answer my questions I might be able to help you more but without further knowledge of what exactly is going on I'm kind of stuck in limbo thinking why did you break up was there another woman another man there's so many questions because after six years I would have thought you were getting married not breaking up

    • We both kinda suggested the break up. Yes, I have seen him since the break up. No, he has not physically been with another girl but there is a girl that he said really liked him. I also agree with you on the marriage part, I have been wanting to marry him for a couple of years now.

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    • I appreciate your input, thanks!

    • you are very welcome I just hope that it helps and I hope you find someone that will love you the way you should be loved forever and will make you happy and not just date you but marry you good luck and God bless

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