If my girlfriend cheated on me , what should I do , she doesn't done any thing , she just talked with him... ?


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  • What did they talk about? Just talking with someone isn't cheating... or do you mean they were planning to cheat?

    • whit her ex

    • with*

    • Just talking with an ex isn't cheating either, though it's understandable why you'd be worried. I'd say talk to her about it, find out what's going on.

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  • I can tell you exactly, exactly how to get poetic justice. but there are rules to that game

    • how?

    • have faith. IF your partner cheats on you, you'll find out eventually. and IF you are dead set on revenge when that happens... just walk away. wave her out the door, pack her bags neatly and never downgrade. get a better woman.

      two things will happen from this. she'll be confused as to why infidelity didn't hurt you, and she'll be furious with jealousy that you got someone better than her cheating ass.

      warning though: she might still be faithful. and I gurantee that as long as you focus on this, the more you'll push her away and you'll make that situation happen. trust me, I've been there. guilty until proven innocent

    • whoops, got the end tail there horrible backwards. innocent until proven guilty***

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  • talk to her about it then decide

  • You think she cheated or you think she is going to?

    • i ask her and she told me that she done

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    • talking with her ex

    • Talking isn't really cheating

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