So me and my coworker broke up?

After 2 months of being together my coworker and I called it quits -- rather he did, and it sucks. Now I don't know how to act when I'm around him anymore. We spent 2.5 years flirting with each other, and now it's like I don't know how to "not flirt" with him. So I've resorted to the cold shoulder -- and here's the thing, he's acting hella friendly with me, trying to start conversations with me, compliments, etc. But I want nothing to do with him right now -- kinda still tending to a broken heart.


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  • Congratulations for fucking up your work environment. Don't get your money and your honey from the same place

    • WELL, @reptocarl work is going just as fine as it ever has been for me, thanks for asking. But in all seriousness @reptocarl you're not wrong, you shouldn't really date coworkers, but shit happens.

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    • I mean like as far as my actual work goes...

    • Yeah well unfortunately you've screwed it up in other areas

  • I see posts about dating co workers.

    What happens is workplace gossip ensues and everyone is talking about who is doing who.

    If the couple in the relationship breaks up, then there will be crap talking at work. It create a volatile work environment.


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  • That's not a good situation to be in, sorry about that. 😕 All you can really do while you're working with him is to be professional. If you don't want him trying to be friendly with you then kindly ask him to not do that while you're there.

    • I'm mostly just mad at the way it ended. We never became official, or talked about it. I still had my tinder -- didn't really use it while with him, but i still had my account. Anyways, he assumed I was "keeping my options open" aka I must be cheating on him. Fair assumption I guess, but instead of talking to me about it he just dumped me, and said "If you don't want to be alone that's cool, I'm content being by myself" aka, "you're desperate". 😒😒😒

    • It's okay to be upset about that, because you cared for him. For a relationship to work, there always needs to be trust from both people otherwise it will most likely fail. Not saying that you did anything wrong, but sometimes some people can take any little thing the wrong way. Also not to say there isn't hope, but I would just try to stay positive in the meantime if I were you and focus on yourself. You'll be okay.

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