Why do most men want their wives to help their economic progress, but not ensure anything in return?

A recent study showed that 78% of millenial men want their job to take priority over their wives' and for their wives to do most housework.

Pew Research surveys found that most men, and more men than women, believe that women should be stay-at-home moms while the kid is young.

This involves sacrificing her own career progress whIle hastening the career progress of her husband - since he doesn't have to do the unpaid labor around the house and for the kid, he is able to go back to school and/or progress more quickly in his career and gain more experience, enabling him access to more and better jobs & pay in the future.

Meanwhile her own economic progress is hindered. This is why alimony exists. To balance out that inequality. Since her labor contributed substantially to his economic progress while hindering her own, it'd be unfair not to balance that out.

Yet most men on here say they don't think alimony or even division of assets should exist, and therefore that women's unpaid labor should count for nothing.

"But it's her choice!" People get compensated for their choices all the time. For example I don't think anyone would say it's unnecessary for the man to get paid for his job just because he chose to do the job.

"Her compensation is getting to live in the house!" But that ends after the divorce, meanwhile his economic advantage positively impacts him the rest of his life, so that's still unequal.
I agree with you. alimony should exist for that reason (the woman helped the man's economic progress at the expense of her own)
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I agree that alimony should exist, for another reason
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no, alimony shouldn't exist. it's justified for men to expect women to help advance their careers while ensuring no financial compensation
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no, alimony shouldn't exist. I admit I'm a hypocrite
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i don't know
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Why do most men want their wives to help their economic progress, but not ensure anything in return?
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