How to forget someone from past I can't SLP HAPPILY things getting worse?

i loved a girl for 4yers we had a very serious relationship Nd I was completely genuine and she is one who proposed me and said we can marry evn if our parents accept r not and aftr tht I conculded I should love her aftr observing her for 6months and I completely made my world with her and what not did a lot for her whn ever she need me I stood on back saying I m there every time evn whn there no one to help her out I stood and she completed her studies and went to her home still we were in contact but one final last September I called her she said my parents didn't accept u bcz ur not one of us and can't marry u bcz ur not one of us I true love u but I can't marry u I m engaged now it's been 9months she left but still I can't able to come out of tht every single girl I see I feel like her every couple i see I feel it's her sometimes I feel I kill myself I can't able to sleep happily and it's been like a nightmare and crying myself at nights and can't b happy it like crushing my brain inside. what to do shuld I consulted a doctor I going mad fustrated like so much anger and pain


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  • talk to a psychologist they will work out the problem. I feel you I have been broken up with my ex for 6 years! And I'm still in love with her and think about her. It does get easier with time

    • thank u but it's really getting things hard this day's

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    • You are welcome

  • just make yourself busy

    • i m trying to make myself busy going out doing things but it isn't working

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