If You Were The “Dumper”, What Were Some Ways The Dumped Person Hurt U?

Can Be Days, Weeks, Months Or Years Later...


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  • One attempted to hurt me or get to me get with one of my friends but my friend shot her down so fast it was sorta funny.

    • If your friend didn't turn her down, and you found out about it later on, would that have hurt you?

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    • Interesting, thanks.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • By getting with another girl 3 weeks later and posting it all over Facebook, knowing I'd see it.

    • Why did you dump him?

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    • @MattMcCoy yes I don't get it either! And the other person is always a rebound so it just looks bad on them when a few weeks later they're still just as miserable as they were before because they've put on this stupid front to try and prove a point. It's best to just ignore it as best you can and move on with your life!

    • exactly that's what I do. when my ex was with a guy a week later it killed me. the only girl I truly loved and wanted to marry. still makes me sick. 6 years later lol

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