Who is the withheld caller?

Okay so I have been having this phone call for round about five years now and it happens on every number that I have had , every time I change it they still get my new number and I have changed it about 15 times. I have asked like every person on my phone book and they all deny It but there is one man I haven't asked. He has had my phone number for five years and it started round about the time he got my number. Anyway this call seems to mainly take place when we fall out and I have noticed that every time I block him I get a call about an hour after. Usually the person will just listen to me and say nothing. It seems to happening more and more recently , all my friends say it is him. We fell out 3 months ago I just ignored him and now this has slowly started again , The person has started to call late Thursday nights and that is when he use to stay with me. So does it sound like it is him?


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  • Why change your number just to give it to everyone that had the old number? Kind of pointless lol

    • I gave it to people I was in contact with I was still in contact with this man that's why I gave him the new one I didn't give it to all the people

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  • It just means it's someone who you've given your new number too each time, it's probably the guy you keep blocking using *67 to call you


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  • How is it possible if you have changed your number?

    • well it must be someone I give my number too

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    • mobile number and I can't because I don't know who it is , I tried to but they couldn't do anything only If its threats. I think its the man I said but I don't know 100 percent

    • If you change your number, then only give it to selected people you trust. In this way you should be safe. x

  • Hang up


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