How do I get over a breakup?

ots been two days since i finally broke up with my boyfriend who cheated on me twice and i still can't move on. for both nights i cried my heart out and i still wake up feeling really dead and sad. i can't do anything. usually, we talk literally the whole day. the moment we wake up till the moment we sleep. and now its all gone and life seems so meaningless to me.

I've tried everything. i went for a run this morning, it made me feel worse. i tried watching tv shows but they are boring. i tried playing games but i can't play them for the whole day so when i stop playing, i think about him and get sad again. i just really really can't move on and forget about him. what do i do?

and i hate it that he has already moved on. he was playing games till early morning and calling friends. while im here struggling to survive each day. will anyone help me? people tell me to try out new things but really, NOTHING appeals to me. its all just boring without him.


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  • aw babe :( break ups are tough, you just gotta remind yourself what he did and that he ain't shit. he literally does not deserve you. just distract yourself as best as you can. find a new hobby/ hang with friends/ read/ watch tv!! best of lucky girly 💕

    • by the way that was suppose to be a sad face not an annoyed face haha

    • thanks :( i do try but nothing appeals to me. everything is just so boring and my life is just so dark.

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  • just get over it

    • details please, I've tried to get over it but i just really can't move on

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  • I read somewhere it takes half the time the relationship lasted to get over a break up. So it takes 6 months to get over a 1 year relationship. Which might be true if hypothetically speaking the relationship was on good ground. Not sure in your case. I would concentrate on me, it is not going to take two days. I will already tell you that. I say party hard, have fun, date around, and just fuck the misery out. Listen to a lot of break up songs and maybe even read a book. My go to is The Color Purple, because I like to think at least my life doesn't suck like Celie's.


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