How should I behave?

How should I behave when I see my ex?

I'm thinking of visiting a friend in another city and I might see him. He owes me a big amount of money and after I told him I wanted to talk about the way we would deal with that loan after breaking up, he told me I was treating him like a thief, that I was only interested in money, that I didn't have any necesities or hardships in life.
It has been a year since he paid me something (20%) and he hasn't contacted me since September (he called me to ask me if I had sent an email to his girlfriend [I did not]).

I know he doesn't have any intention to pay and I'm not worried about it anymore, but if I saw him I want to act with dignity and don't let him step on me.
Of course, I don't want to be rude, because I want him to know I'm better than what he thinks I am.
So, what should I tell him or how should I behave?


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  • first off, why are u seeing ur ex? do u want to restart the relationship with him again?

    • I'm not seeing him. I don't want to restart anything.
      I might see him, because I'm going to visit a friend and he lives there too.

    • oh why such drama then, just say "hi" and ignore him

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