After breakinh up with me , he seems happy on social media liking memes, tagging his friends in them and just happy but he liked a sad post as well?

he seems happy on facebook where he knows I might see him being all happy and relaxed after putting me through such misery but he liked a post of our mutual friend he doesn't know I have followed him, and that post is all sad and emotional. is he just trying to show everyone he's happy when deep down he may not be? I know sine of you will say I'm pathetic for clinging on to such small details of hope but I can't help it. we were in a relationship of three years and it ended on bad terms because he got pissed off at me due to sone reason that I dont know of he just said I was expecting too much from him and he isn't even settled yet. I know he used to love me truly I dont know about now though but does he feel even a little bit remorse? do guys miss their girls after they hurt them or do they just feel manly after taking all their depression and anxiety out on them?


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  • this guy sounds like he doesn't care in what I've seen men who leave the woman don't care if the woman is the one who leaves it hurts men.

    • he took his depression out on me. we were together for so many years and everyone around could just feel how much he loved and cared for me. I don't know what changed all of a sudden

    • in truth it seems like he got bored and found himself someone else is there any signs that he has?

    • nope as far as I have seen he has no interest in any other girl. even after breaking up with me he told one of his friends that he'll stay single forever.

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  • I think you should take a break from browsing through his social media, or what he does online. Focus on yourself, and tending to your own needs right now.
    Breakups are difficult, everyone deals with them differently. Your ex may be liking those things, and going on social media so much as a way to escape. I doubt he's happy instantly from letting go of you. 3 years is a long time to be with someone, feelings change and we grow as people and perhaps he needs a break to figure himself out (which could possibly even be the reason for the breakup) but don't let what he does on social networks imply things to you.

    I'd seriously recommend getting off of his stuff and his pages for a while. Give yourself a chance to recover from this, and take a break from constantly viewing his stuff. It's only going to put him on your mind and keep making you sad.
    Let him be, and you do your own thing. Give it some time. He may contact you and explain the reason for the breakup, but until then focus on yourself and feeling better.

    • I know you're right. I blocked hin everywhere afyer he broke my heart. but then I have this craving to see what he's upto its like my heart wants to see something that'll tell me that he's not happy either after putting me through this misery. I stalk his pages from my friend's accounts. I really made an improvement after aobe week of the breakup I felt like I was over him but yesterday It hit me again and I was back to where I started from. I'm hurting soo much I just want an apology. I know I won't take him back because he's not good for me and I deserve much better than a depressed man who takes it all out on his girl and blames everything on her. but I just want to see something on his social media to see if he's hurting too or if he has just forgotten me. I don't know. I feel pathetic

    • Don't look so down upon yourself for feeling the way you do. You've been through a lot, and we've all experienced breakups before. They are never easy. :/

      I do think it'd benefit you to get away from social sites for a while. Keep your mind busy with work, and even try new hobbies or interests, to help you focus on something else other than him. Spend time with your friends and family as much as you can, and try to let your mind settle without having to be constantly reminded of this guy.
      You do deserve better, you deserve someone amazing who will treat you properly. Until that person comes along, give yourself time to heal and let yourself appreciate being on your own. You were just fine without him all those years ago, and you will be fine again.
      Treat yourself and do things you enjoy for you. Keep pushing through the sadness, it'll get easier.
      Best wishes to you!

    • thankyou so much. I'll try to keep myself distracted. its getting harder. I dont even know what I want. do I want him back do I love him or not. its really really hard.

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  • when my girl left me I hurt inside pretty bad for awhile. I never showed it online though. I acted normal.

    • thats so bad I don't know why people dump the person who really loves thembut in your case you were dumped by her not the other way around.

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    • one of the reasons my boyfriend broke up with me is this that I was expecting too much from his at this point and he's not settled yet. I think it scared him off me cring and wanting to move mich faster. I just want to know that he is also devastated after putting me through this misery

    • If he is like me, yes he is.

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  • Trying to act like everything is not bothering him

    • maybe. I just want to know that he's not happy either after putting me through this misery

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