Is it impossible to get her back?

is it impossible to get her back?


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  • Most definitely. But you should really put more information down than 'is it impossible to get her back?'. Honestly more than half the time, if you've already broken up you need to think about moving on, not about getting her back. Unless you did something horrible that you feel you need to repent for, in that case this was a learning experience and you should put it to good use during your next relationship. If you do not want a 'next relationship' and you still only want 'her' good luck cause it's not going to be a cake walk. I say don't even try.

    • Well she liked me at first and then I liked her but she never told me so I told her and then I touch her the wrong way even tho she started it so she got mad at me and told me to move on and she needed space I did and we made up I asked again she wanted space again then we made up again now we don't talk as much and when we do she always tells me about other guys that hit on her or that she thinks are cute. and yet she said she never liked me when I use to be at her place till 3 am spooning.

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    • Lol I was tryint to save character. because you limited to only 500

    • Well that's not how you accomplish it. That's almost impossible to read, or at least understand. Besides, you can just comment again below your first.

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  • Nothing is impossible while you're both breathing, that's my opinion and I'm stickin' with it. Give her some time to miss you, work on yourself as a person and in a month or so call her for coffee and go from there. I wish I had better advice but I'm in your position too and still trying to work out how to get him back...

    Best of luck.

  • no as lonq as she still loves you , you can qet her back.

    dnt overcrowd her or appear to be needy. dnt text or call her ..

    learn yourself make sure that she is really what you want.

    if she is , you should text her with a messaqe statinq "i agree with your decision to not want to be with me," this will shock her and basically show her you have moved on. be careful because if done wronq it will backfire.

    • I think I kind of like this approach with that text...but how do you execute this without screwing it up?

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  • need more details bro.

    • follow this link and it will give you all the detail you need.

  • no it is not impossible to get her back if you discribe full story very problem has some solution.

    • The full story is on this link. Let me know what you think.

    • Dude I have read your full story I wana suggest you ignore her don't talk her for tow or three weeks if she talk to you say her I am busy or I have to go somewhere, if she have feelings for you then she will must notice your behavor and will ask you about it.

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