Why is my ex doing this?

we've been split since oct. minimal contact. A few weeks ago i asked him if he could retrieve photos i had stored on his computer and send them to me on a usb drive and he said he would. i happen to see him a week later 1st time in a long time. we chatted and it was great. i asked if he had sent it and he said yes a week earlier. a few days later i call him to see if could maybe resend or give me in person. but it went to VM. i thought i had been blocked. i hung up and realised i can leave a message at least. i did and then he angerly texts me saying to calm down and that he's on a work call (how would i know, its 9pm ). we exchange some not so nice texts back and forth for which i later apologize for. but now he refuses to give me my photos and other stuff at his house. those photos are extremely important due to family issues that have gone on since they were taken. but why can't he just man up and just talk to me? he told me he loved me the last time we spoke, he said he is open to working us out just not yet. he's not dating. but why can't he do this one thing? i left him alone for 6+ months... no contact nothing. i call 2 times and he goes off.


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  • he probably deleted them and threw away all of your stuff, after i found out my ex wife had cheated on me while i was working nights and left me for that guy, taking everything i had except a vaccum cleaner also while i was on a night shift... she in one day erased all photos of us on her facebook and instagram as if i was never in her life... i asked to see our dog we raised as a pup and i wasn't allowed to... so all photos i had 3 years of memories and love i forced myself to delete because if its so easy for someone to cheat and erase someone from their lives only because you can't handle sleeping alone at night because your husband is working his ass off to pay for all of the expensive luxuries she wanted... so in short there is probably guilt and another woman, your photos and stuff are gone

    • yeah there's no other woman plain and simple. his son says my stuff is in a closet still and i just heard this last week, but his son is 8 and can't them to me. his son also said his dad is alone and sad all the time.
      dont assume things just because you had a bad experience.

    • you asked a question, i gave you an example/ experience i believe this is the intention of the app

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  • just hold you hostage type thing my ex was supposed to send me something keeps calling and lying about it so it's no big deal I said keep the shit it's good I understand it's not the same as your situation but it's about the same I can understand family pictures and this is nothing like that always say and I put it in the mail on Thursday and it's a week or a month later they're still not here

  • Why do you care? He's an ex. I don't go for this "I don't want you now but maybe later" bullshit and if you do then you need to be institutionalized so you're no longer a danger to yourself. It's a ploy to keep you hanging on like you stupidly are so he can drift in and out of your life using you as a backup plan. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it nor will you reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever. Forget your pics and everything else. They're gone forever. Never have anything to do with an ex


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