Why woman cheat on hard working guys?

I work for a facility where employees are on a seven day work week of rotating shifts 1 week 1st one week 2nd third week 3rd shift and then 4 days finally off. i took this job because the pay is unreal. i was married close to three years to someone i cam to love and trust she pulled me out of a bad pain killer addiction and i pulled her out of an abusive toxic enviornment where she was being abused so the level of commitment and trust was there. 6 months into me workibg here she began sleeping with a coworker of hers at a job i helped her get (guy HAS money) all while i was working nightshifts, also when i first started the job we were moving into a very expessive place that SHE wanted to live in. she cheated on me and left me. other coworkers too their woman also cheated and left them. whats the deal women? can't support a hard working guy who is pretty much working hard for you?


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  • the deal is that, flat out she's a piece of shit and doesn't have the heart and intention you had. I hate saying that, but someone who is willing to cheat isn't worth your time. if you're a good man stand by that. someone will cross paths with you and appreciate all that you are. women who cheat, guys who cheat, theyre immature and not ready for a real relationship. even through the bad times, there should be loyalty. don't spend time asking why... why... she did it... why she hurt you... because all this means is that there is someone better for you out there who will treat you right. what she did to you was toxic. remember that.

    • I've been trying, really have been thank you

  • It may not have anything to do with you working hard but basically she might feel lonely as you are working so hard

    • she wouldn't stop to think i was miserable i couldnt be with her that i was lonely too forcing myself to work a crazy scedule so she could / we could afford the life she wanted to live? I've gone dates with many women since they and i have literally been bombed with question so wow are you divorced right on the first dates... women pay to do background checks.

      another case and point people who cheat on service members overseas and destro their families OUT of loneliness/ selfish reason to do so

    • I didn't say it wasn't selfish? Just putting it out there that's probably why she did it
      Also women pay for background checks? Wtf area do you live in?

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