I will like opinions on this actually is a tuff situation my friends says is not right

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend over a year know, I love him and trust him but I sometimes feel that he might still have feelings from his baby's mama. In fathers day she bought a gift and a letter. she even sign it like love you always your best baby mama.. I don't know however three days later he accepts her in Facebook either way I ask him why he accepted her he said cause of communication with her regarding there daughter will accepted the fact but if I ask him something about her he gets mad I even think he doesn't care about me . how come he can accept his ex and I cannot accept mine is not right. even doubt we were almost going to break up this all started since fathers day.am concern please help


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  • Please learn how to speak/type properly, and I will answer your question.

    • So what are you saying that your better in writing well is not business here so I write how I want

    • I'm just saying that when you type poorly, it's very difficult to understand what you're trying to say.

    • Ok I understand I wrote it in a rush, I am at work and don't want to get catch you know.

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  • I'm going through something similar with my gf...she can talk to her ex but she doesn't want me talking to mine...i would suggest you let him know exactly what the deal is...its 50/50 and if something makes you uncomfortable he should respect that and change..of course there is going to be some type of communication between the two but there has to be a limit somewhere..just have that talk and discuss boundaries with him..if he is willing to compromise then all is good..hope this helps out! ( :


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