I want my stubborn ex back.

My ex is really opinionated and open minded and very stubborn so what is a good way to win him back


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  • I am a very opinionated and stubborn guy, so maybe I can help.

    The best way to win back a guy, is to realize that in most instances, a girl doesn't have to "win back" anything. Depending on how/why you broke up, you should just start talking to him. When you talk to him, be very flirtatious. But don't be one of those girls who are a tease. Let him know that you are still interested. If he is am assertive type, the rest will follow. However, most guys (even the ones that portray themselves as "badass") need some encouragement to get to where you want them to go. Like leading a donkey with a carrot. If you have to, be the assertive one in reclaiming your relationship.

    Hope this helps.


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