Does he still love me? because he's trying too hard to show that the breakup isn't affecting him. has he forgotten me?

he was the one who broke up with me. some fights led to it. but he also threw this sentence in my face '' you're expecting too much from me and I'm not even settled yet, we are not at that age yet but you're just expecting a lot from me'' and he literally took all his love back by saying that he didn't feel good about it. but he would go out of the way to make me feel like a queen and everyone around could just feel that he loved me soo much. I could see it in his eyes but he took it all back. help please


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  • what kind of stuff did you want from him that he finds that you two aren't at that age yet

    • I didn't want anything bad or nasty obviously , we were just all about caring for eachother showing love and loads of care for eachother which he started at first because I wasn't very good at expressing my feelings as he was I was more like a closed book but when I started caring and all I don't know it just maybe scared him off. but I think its just an excuse and there's something else that made him do this that I don't know of. because he seemed to get real happy when I cared for him and when I finally started expressing my feelings not in an extrene way but in an extremely moderate and hidden way so that it doesn't seem cheap or desperate and he showed a lot of live for me but he literally just took all of his love back and threw it in my face I don't know

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    • yes, there is

    • I don't know for sure what it is. but I know something is up. because his friends are all trying hard for him to get a girlfriend but he is stubborn that he doesn't want any girlfriend and that he'll stay single forever

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  • I don't understand what's happened since the breakup?

    • I haven't talked to him since the breakup because he really hurt me. he seemed very pissed at me but I don't know what happened or what I did

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