Why is my ex like this?

It was our two year anniversary couple of days ago but we split up on feb, this year. She called me at 7:46 am that day but i was sleeping so i didn't hear it but i did reply to her text, the whole day she ignored me and didn't tell why she called. At 11:45pm she called me and said 'hey its the 11th...' and then 1 min later she just said igtg bye. Like why does she mess with my brain? Because one month ago she confessed she still loved me and i confessed that i still loved her but she told me she would not leave her current boyfriend because she can't hurt him, which i understood. But why is she doing this like pulling all my strings to make sure whether i still like her or not?
P. s i have moved on but it just bothers me
She wants you back
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she's just trying to string you along
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Why is my ex like this?
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