Will I ever get over my first love cheating on me?

I met her since we were little kids and we lost our virginities together in our freshman year of HS. We were already engaged till she cheated.

It's too much to forget. That's like almost my whole life. Though I broke off the engagement and I'm going NC at this moment, I can't get her out of my mind. I still love her.
He just to play all the time as kids, climb up a hill, go inside a cave, pretend to be explorers, etc. It's so hard to just forget all that.


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  • I'm really sorry man. I remember reading your previous question and I was too busy to give you a proper response. The truth is that you have a very unique case and a really sad one at that, but no matter how shit and down you feel, things WILL get better. Seriously, time heals all wounds.

    It's alright that you're going through this grieving process, it's good for you and it's a healthy way of emotional healing, it's required. I remember when the first girl I loved cheated on me, it feels like someone tore out your heart, but I got through it, even when I thought I was never going to be able to fully move on from her. I can honestly and undoubtedly say that I'm 100% over her and you will be too! You need to take it one day at a time and just focus on getting better each and every say. You actually have to try and get over her, otherwise you're just going to be tormening yourself. You'll have some good days and some bad days and slowly but surely they'll eventually be more and more apart.

    I do highly recommend you give yourself time to go over the initial grief, but after that you HAVE to push yourself. Go out and be social with friends, family is huge, try and meet new girls. Seriously, the quickest way to get over a girl is to find another girl that blows your mind. The moment you meet that girl, your ex will be nothing to you.

    There's a simple truth to how we fall in love. We fall in love by giving a piece of ourselves to the other person (time, care, energy, etc). The more of ourselves we give, the more we lose when it's over. You have invested a lot into this girl so I can't imagine how hard it must be on you, but you'll get through it, I promise you. This could actually be a really positive experience in your life if you approach it properly. Get through this and you'll come out stronger than you ever thought possible.
    I'll link some vids that might be helpful that have helped me in the past.


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  • That's what happens when your with a chick and she's only been with you sometimes. That's why you shouldn't get serious until she's taken a black dick a Mexican dick and 3 dicks at once. Than she won't be curious and be tempted. Women settle down around 25. Men just get going at 25 lmao

  • if she felt the same as you she wold not have cheated , it wasn't as perfect as u r describing

  • Yeah pretty much that same thing happened to me after a couple of months I begged her to take me back

    • Why did you cheat? That hurts badly. I'm feeling at my lowest right now.

    • I didn't she did

    • Her Reason just got bored and want to experiment and try some different dick

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