He says to his friends that he doesn't want any girlfriend after he broke up with me over some depression and a petty fight. what does that mean?

its all in the question I guess. his friends are trying to get him a girlfriend but he's stuck on one thing and that's that he doesn't want any girlfriend and that he'll stay single forever. I don't know what it means. he was really in love with me it was obvious but something happened I dont even know what that is but I do know that his brother like friend said something to him about me that freaked him out and he got so pissed at me. so what does it mean him saying he'll never get a girlfriend and stay single forever?


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  • His problem, not yours. You can't fix him. NEXT!

    • how's that helpful? we were together for four years. its kind of my business too as I want to know what he may be thinking or going through from men with real experience.

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    • yeah. and its not solipsism by the way. if somebody hurts you and you say that they did you wrong, and when you finally care more about your own feelings than some guy who can't deal with his own depression , then that is not solipsism.

    • I like how you think.

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