How can I get over her?

She left me and I can't stop thinking about her I want to know what can I do to stop thinking and live again like I never meet her before thanks for your help


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  • Focus on yourself. There's nothing wrong with having memories, but you can't let those memories hurt you. You can remember them with indifference and tell yourself that the seperation was for a reason.

    By the way, what does this mean?

    And how can I reply?

    • I don't know what is that link why you answered as anonymous for that simple question

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  • Creating new memories helps a lot, did for me
    Not saying you should find someone new, it can be friend or family member, do activities with close ones it buries the sad thoughts.


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  • Humans seek acceptance. Rejection doesn't sit well with us. That said, I doubt you're stuck on her entirely. More like it's the rejection part that's getting to you.

    • No not the rejection part is killing me what's killing me is memories

  • If u want to talk with me, I can!


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  • It takes time, sometimes more and sometimes less... When I broke up with my ex it took roughly half a year for me to recover from it and get back to my normal life

    • Thanks I wish to take less than that time

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    • I am trying to do that

    • Good and oh yeah for the love of God don't try to fuck yourself happy, it just makes the whole shit worse... Learned It the hard way :/

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