Should I tell my ex how I feel?

My ex boyfriend and I only got back in touch a week or two ago after almost a year of no contact. He had split from his girlfriend and he looked me up the same day it happened. I know I might just have been someone to help him feel better, but we still get on so well, like nothing ever changed really. The sad thing is, I still love him. He left me last February. And in the last two or three days, he had a date which has now ended with him in yet another relationship.

I want him to be happy of course, but I also want to be happy. My closest friend thinks I should tell him how I feel about him, then leave him alone to react to that however he wants. I would like to, but is it a good idea? He's a good guy, so he's not likely to use it against me. But he might not want to speak to me anymore. I don't really have anything to lose though, should I tell him?


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  • Here is the problem I've experienced- break ups have often happened for a reason. It's very rare that it works out the second time and it's often for the same reason it didn't work the first time. (no matter what party decided it wasn't worth pursuing) The problem is, we tend to forget that reason until we're in the situation again. Save your feelings and don't stick your neck out there too far on this one. If he feels something for you, he will let you know. Trust in fate for a little while and see what it brings you.

    • Thanks for that. Very good answer. :) Yeah, I guess I'll just let things happen as they're meant to.

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  • there is a reason he is your ex! I wouldn't bother telling him, he has already hooked up with another girl therefore you are not his number one:( I have learned the hard way that being second best just isn't worth the heartache:(

  • Wait, let me get this straight: A week or two ago he broke up with a girlfriend and contacted you on the day of the break up? Just a few days after that he had a date with a new girl and is now in a relationship with her? I think the guy craves being in a relationship, probably because of some insecurity. And, sorry, you might not like hearing this, but - he could have chosen you after his break up. INstead he choose a new girl. I'd say - move on and look for a new guy. I think you gain nothing if you tell him. On the other hand you might be right when you say you have nothing to lose. So maybe tell him, but don't expect anything to happen

    • I know you're right. He's always hated being single, but another girlfriend so soon after splitting up with a girl he supposedly really loved? Doesn't seem right to me. And he could have chosen me, except I made it look as though I didn't see him that way anymore, probably stupid of me. But I don't know if it's worth the risk of putting myself out there like that when I'm probably going to get hurt again.

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