I want him back. .. this 1month we've broken up... I've learnt my mistakes and have worked on them. ... I've gone full NC. .. today is the 44th day of NC. ... i really want my baby back. ... please help. I don't need the "exes are exes for a reason stuff no "Real advice please


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  • Takes two. You can want him back all day, if he doesn't feel the same then its too bad. Better to move on with your life and knowledge.


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  • you'll just have to wait and see if he wants to get you back or not. and did he break up with you'? I'm going through kind of the same situation. my 'baby' brokeup with me a month ago. at first I did that typical why are you doing this or what's my fault etc. after a week on NC I texted hi. to see if he has calned down and if he's willing to talk to me or not because apparently something pissed him off at me real bad but he never told me the actual reason why he broke up with me. I texted him asking for all this in a calm manner and he blocked me. that was the moment that I decided that I was never going to initiate contact ever again. and I dont have 0.00001% idea of how he's feeling if he's happy without me or does he miss me or has he realized his mistake yet or what. I guess all you can do is wait. because you can't make someone want you back. if he does then he'll come back and if not than too bad.

    • Aiit then thanks. .. tho he didn't block me.. . and we talked once when I asked him if we can be friends and he agreed since then we've not talked tho. .. but he likes my pictures on instagram.. . and sometimes he uploads love n break up Quotes.. But delete it later. ..

    • yeah uploading the auotes in my opinion means that he is hurting by the end of this relationship. give him sine time maybe a break will make things better. let him realize on his iwn what he wants and then when he cimes back he'll make it right. I blocked my ex on social media because that is my first instinct whenever I fight with him and this time he broke up so I blocked him. then I texted him and he blocked me so that shows he's really badly pissed at me. on facebook he's liking memes taghing friends in memes where he knows I maybe able to see that. but in his friend's private account he's liking sad quotes like he's the victim and he's going around saying that he'll never get a girlfriend. its too confusing for me but in your case I'm pretty sure he'll come back

    • Awwn thanks. ...

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  • u will get him back if he want , but if he doesn't want then please move on u find someone better than him

  • What if he wants you too?
    Talk to me

    • That's it.. I don't know if he still wants us

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