Yesterday would of been our 9 month anniversary. Do you think she remembered?

We would of been together 9 months yesterday if she didn't break up with me. I was stupid and kept thinking about the future and not the present. I wondered if she remembered because she wasn't I. The best mood yesterday when I talked to her and we were fine the day before.


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  • Anniversary? That's a yearly thing. You didn't make it that far. I don't understand what there is to remember. Why do you two still talk regularly if you broke up?

    • We do work together and we talk. We were fine 2 days ago I helped her and we had some laughs. Yesterday was different it seemed like she wasn't happy.

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    • It's hard. On Monday I heard the song that reminds me of when we hiked up a mountain and that was the day I knew I wanted to be with her. I heard it twice that day. I still feel stupid about think about the future and not the present. I lost a great girl. There is no other girl I want to be with.

    • It is tough. Don't become fixated on what could have been though. It's not meant to be of the other person doesn't want it too. Hard as it is, you can't make someone want it too and once you get past that, you'll feel free and when you least expect it, someone else will come along

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  • bet you she does... can also bet you she doesn't give a fuck... and neither should you

  • She would remember. Probably not as sentimental as you are though.


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