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I've been with my husband over 20yrs but only married the last 9 years. he can be sweet and loving but evil vendictive too. he has always been over controlling. what I wear how I look when to cut my hair where I can go who I can talk to. I have no friends because of him. he says I don't love him or care about him but I cook clean bring him his dinner never say no in bedroom. I always ask to rub his headache when it hurts toothache backache anything like that. But now we have been fighting all the time for the last few months. he calls me evil cruel fat restarted whore. he thinks I'm cheating which I'm not. he hides my keyes doesn't let me leave house for a few days even tho he knows my dad is on hospice with his heart not sure how long he has and I'm a daddy girl. he tells me you will sit in the house and rot and I hope you cry and miss your dad. he says I'm done with you and I don't want you but if you can't love me you will not leave this house and love them. if I pack up he said he will hunt me down and kill me and who ever gets in his way. he says he will hit me when mad but has never hit me. will he go through with death threats. my parents and son are ready to disown me if I don't leave him. they know about all of this and they know its been like this off and on all these years. they heard him a lot when he is mad and they are done with it all.


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  • I would say if he is threatening you to kill you, you have take him at his word. Therefore you need to getva restraining order from your local authority and then leave him. Make sure the police know. before you leave so that he doesn't come after you. I would say leave and leave for your parents and son. You dont want then disowning you and on the other hand your husband is threatening you. You will lose all of them at that point. I would even tell your local police about his threats.

  • I'd probably seek anger management for him


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