I can't let go of my (ex) boyfriend even though he's an asshole. What should I do?

we broke up 5 days ago bc he cheated on me twice. for 2 days i struggled to move on but i found myself getting suicidal and i really needed him so i texted him. but he has already moved on. he's busy gaming now and even when i texted him, he couldn't concentrate on texting me and was pretty cold. i know he's probably enjoying his new life now, and im disturbing it, but i really need him. he's treating me like shit now and i know i should leave but i just can't. life is super meaningless to me. I've tried everything i can - finding new hobbies, hanging out with friends etc etc. nothing works. i need him.


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  • Like if ya need a teen talk I'm 14. I'm Asian I'm pretty sure I can help. Instagram: @joshhjung. I can tell u my experiences.


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  • Girl if you are actually suicidal and not just being melodramatic then you need a therapist, not a shitty boyfriend. Seriously either talk to your parents and get help or cut the shit: this guy doesn't give a damn about you and he cheated on you. Move on. No one needs someone like that in their lives.

    But seriously if a simple breakup makes you wanna kill yourself you need to toughen up now chickie because it's only going to get tougher from here.

    • i know im a fucking loser for wanting to kill myself over an asshole who cheated on me and doesn't give a shit about me. but do u think i want to? i dont. I've tried to get over him but i can't. honestly since before i met him, i have always felt that life was meaningless and nothing really made me happy. not even spending time with friends and family. but when he came into my life i felt that life was finally something to look forward to. and i was so so so happy. but now he's gone all my happiness is gone. because from the start, he was the only one who was able to make me happy. I've tried hobbies, but they don't make me happy. they just make me past time. i dont wanna live a life trying to past time forever. i want to be happy. and without him im just this ball of sadness.

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