Why does my ex boyfriend (we have had no contact in 2.5 years) watch my snapchat videos? He has a new girlfriend. I never watch his?

So my ex boyfriend broke up with me about 2.5 years ago. He broke up with me because he couldn't stop cheating and he felt bad. Said I was beautiful inside and out and that he just needed to take a few steps back. So anyway he added me on snapchat about a year ago and he has been watching my snaps sporadically. I don't watch his... I already know he has had a new girlfriend for about a year and a half now. They seem in love... why is he watching my snapchat videos? I mean I am flattered that he is seeing how happy I am but what is it to him? LOL


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  • It doesn't mean anything. He's probably bored and clicking all stories he sees. Don't get your hopes up. All he does is just click on your name, especially that it's sporadic. I watch every snap story I see, and that doesn't make me some kind of perv or polygamous cheater.


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