Guys, Do you think he'll miss me?

So this guy and I had a casual sex kinda relationship. But we were only seeing each other. This went on for a good three to four months after which I kind off felt like a bit of a side girl and was getting too emotionally invested in it. So I decided to talk to him about it. He said it upset him that I thought so lowly of him and that he isn't interested in this anymore. That's when we broke it off. Well, he wasn't a dick about it and we parted ways on good terms. It's been two weeks and it just kind off bothers me because I keep thinking of him but I don't know if he even cares or if he has found a new person. Do you think he'd ever give it a thought again?


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  • He will think about you... but he will come back to you !!
    We leave the answer to time

    • so just wait?

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    • Wouldn't that make me look clingy af?

    • I want to help ..

  • he dosent care. he wanted your () n he got it

    • But like we became close as friends.. doesn't that count for anything?

    • friends? let metell u something... boys dont wanna get emotionally attached until they find a girl of their choice.. and until they find a girl of their choice they find an emotional girl like u fuck them and then jst leave... dont bother that ass holee. he dosent love u.. find someone who can love u.. n in first place.. is having sex b4 marriage good?

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