I am tooo old for this lol...but I need help!

OK...so I am a 30something year old woman...a little embarrassing I must say, but here it goes...I am separated from my husband. I have a few kids...but I model for fitness magazines, and playboy so you know I am very attractive ;). On Facebook this kid "22" requested my friendship. I did not know he was 22...never the less we started talking (messaging). One thing leads to another and we exchange numbers...he starts texting me. I end up finding out his age and get turned off and don't respond to him anymore...but he does not stop...every few days a text here and there...so finally I give in and we start talking...he wants to be my friend. but I start to like him liking me...being young and cute...anyway...i decided that I could not do this and did not want to continue talking to him...he was too tempting and too young! but he didn't let me go...kept texting and being charming..we talked for 5 months almost every day. so the time comes when I see him out at a club, and we hit it off...really got along good he stayed by me the whole night...would not let me leave his side. he tells me I am the only girl he talks to (more than friends) then continued to talk and try to make plans for us seeing each other in the future..i stopped by his work a few times...we went to movies and then we kissed for the first time (all after 5 months). I again tell myself I cannot do this! I tell him and he gets mad at me...but understands where I am coming from. I decide to not end it...Then after blowing me off for a little while (giving me lame excuses why he didn't call me or forgetting when he asked me to do something) he wants to see me...all this time I am "baby" "my love" "miss you's" "muah's" "love" all the gooey words...we meet and end up going a little farther than kissing and then he completely changed on me...no more baby, love, honey, nothing. I try to end it with him...lol...we are not in a relationship... but just stop talking because of how weird he is being...and he is like "WHAT? I can't believe you are doing this to me! and you are so over analyzing " so I don't end it...but yet nothing has gone back to the way it was...he is rarely texting me like he was..but still does...everyday. he doesn't ask me to hang out...he just is so confusing but doesn't want it over? what is that? he said he is fine and nothing has changed...but obviously that is not the case...we have not been intimate yet...so I don't think he "used" me...and why won't he just let me walk away if he is not interested anymore? which is how it seems...


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  • yur never too old for anything, except for maybe him. the best thing I can say is try to figure out exactly what you want. weigh in all the factors and figure out if this is all worth the drama, or if its just dumb. because all I got from yur story is that you kept changing yur mind, and decided not to get away from him. once you make up yur mind, keep it. be confident in yurself and yur decisions.

  • You're just dealing with the online social networking era.

    They can txt, instant message like pimp daddy's and dream of wanting it all, and being players and such. However, when it comes down to it, their maturity levels are lacking big time.

    My trade is online marketing, and boy, can I tell you, I marketing campaigns for a some company that sells penis enlargement pills, and the kids on social network buy that stuff up like f'ing candy!

    These kids are stuck beating off to internet p*rn, and getting keyboard courage talking up ppl, but when it comes down to it, they are just chumps. And sorry ma'am you fell for it also.

    5 months of pursuing you over txt? I'm sorry, but that just screams of desperation on his part, that should have been a big time warning flag to you.


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