Am I overthinking this?

We've been broken up since October, mutually because we couldn't do the long distance since we were both going to different Universities. But we talked on the phone a couple of times as the year went by just to catch up. We agreed to stay friends. But since school ended, he visited me 2 times. We hung out 2days ago, and now he keeps asking if we could chill again very soon like on the weekend. But My schedules busy with spring summer courses and work so I barely have time to see my best friends let alone my ex. So if my plan clears up I would put my friends first. But I was just wondering if its just another harmless friendly hang out or something more?
+1 y
The break up was still hard and it took me time to get over it. I just think that we sometimes need to keep our distance incase our feelings ever do come back or if one of us gets hurts. So I don't get why he keeps asking to hangout
Am I overthinking this?
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