Over 2 months ago I cheated on my boyfriend. I ended up sucking some other guys d***. I regret it so much and today he found out about it and now he is lost, confused, upset, and at the point were he doesn't know what to do. how I ended up cheating on him was I went with this guy to smoke a few bowls and then he started talking all sexual and sh*t and then he started to touch me and sh*t and then he took out his d*** and he like shoved it in my face and I was like wtf and he was like just suck it and we were out in the middle of no where and I didn't know what to do and on top of not knowing what to do I was higher then a kite and I always make dumb mistakes when I'm high, so it just happened and I was to scared to tell my boyfriend and then a month went by and I just thought I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore but then it came back up and now he can't trust me and he doesn't think I even want to be with him or anything, how can I get him to believe me that I do want to and how to I gain his trust back ? I really need help without Brian I would be totally lost and confused. I love him with all my heart. :(


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  • You apparently love him enough to allow him to.taste some other man's d*ck on your lips. Did you ask your boyfriend how the other dude tasted after you kissed him? Do the guy a favor and let him go. Go smoke bowls and poles with some other guy. This guy will never forgive you and if he does he is a complete tool. If you really want a solution let your boyfriend sleep with one of your best friends.

    • Ok look at this point in our realationship we were fighting and we were on a 'break' I was hurt and I wasn't thinking so that could be the reason for it but I really don't know I just want help not negative comments

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    • I totally agree with you anonymous user.

    • I agree. If you really lack that much self control then you shouldn't even be in a relationship.

      Listen to your story, this other guy barely even had to try and you sucked him off. You being high as a kite is no excuse. Can you rob a bank and then say I was high and stay out of jail? No.

      Can you get high kill someone and tell the court I was high so it's not my fault? No.

      Being high isn't an excuse. If you can't make responsible decisions don't do it. You messed up in a big way.

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  • i dsnt think you're ready four a real relationship. you're still a kid.

  • He will never forget that.. leave him

  • Not a lot you can do, he won't trust you from now on in fact it will give him a green light to sleep with you and cheat on you with other girls when ever he wants, its a win win situation for him...


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  • Stop hanging out with guys for a start. I don't think he'll take you back. Friends? maybe


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