His wife left him and now he is trying to hook up with me?

Okay, I am from a previous relationship that resulted in a child. After me, my kids dad met the woman he eventually married. Things got rough (financially etc) she left him (she has been gone for 3 months) now he is trying to be sweet to me and telling me how attractive I am and inviting me to play late night pool. He started trying to kiss me and acting like he sweet on me when he has pretty much been trying to get me to sleep with him. What should I do?


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  • I don't understand, is he an ex of yours and he is the father of your child?

    • Yeah, he an ex... he got married and due to our having a kid we have remained in contact but only for the last 3 1/2 years of our sons life (he is 8)... our conversations were never smooth. He is now trying to be "friendly" and I don't exactly understand why or what to do.

    • Our son is 8yrs old - don't know why the emoji is there

    • Okay I understand now!
      And I think he just may be wants to get back together with you, of course he doesn't want to just sleep with you and leave!! that's so stupid cuz you have a child together, he wouldn't do that to someone as close as you to him, I think he just realized that you're the best person to be with right now since you're his son's mother. So basically you're family. But tell me what do you feel about him?

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  • Run I would definitely recommend running away from this guy

    • So, is up to no good then? And she only trying to use me...

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    • That said.
      If you decide to give the relationship another chance sit down and talk about the issues that you both had, work out what went wrong even go through counselling.
      Most of all make him date you and don't let him get in your pants for some time.
      You getting back together with your ex doesn't just affect you it will also have an impact on your son.

    • Thank you 😊

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  • He wants someone to fulfill his sexual desires nothing else otherwise he would have stayed with you in the beginning. He may be innocent but still be wary of him.

  • Run for your dear life...


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  • He doesn't sound like someone you want to get involved with.


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