Why would an ex add, delete, then re-add you on snapchat?

I feel like snapchat is the cheating app. He cheated on me for someone else and now a year and a half later he's doing this weird stuff like looking at my instagram stories from this weird private account that has no follower that I know is him. He randomly apologizes me a year later saying he still feels like an ass. I mean you have a girlfriend that you are sooo happy with so just leave me alone? Why do guys feel the need to be friends with someone they hurted? If you really respect them, then you would leave them alone right? And also why do some of his friends try to get with me? It's very annoying. Can some guys shed light on why guys act like this?


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  • Bc he is a cheat and he cannot get enough from his girlfriend and realizes you were better and as he has cheated before he will cheat his girlfriend to be with you, the question is why bother, just block him, and for the record i dont think he respects you if he did he would have never cheated in the first place


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