Should my ex be mad over this? (Long but please read)

About 3 weeks ago, Me and My boyfriend broke up, well I broke up with him because I needed space and we were kind of drifting apart. We decided to be friends and talked a little bit, thing's were awkward of course, but then last week he asked me "If I was seeing anyone". "I said no" although I did meet a guy friend, but we were just friends and I wasn't seeing him, but we did hangout a few times. ( which I did not tell him about, since he did not ask if I met new friends).

so a few days later, I was supposed to Go out and drink with some of My friends but I was hanging out with this guy I had met and we're just friends, and then I had to work. So My ex asked one of my good friends that was there if I was going to be there, and she said no because I was with the guy and then I had to work. so I get home that night, and I see a message from him well a few actually asking me questions, and saying that I lied to him when he asked me and everything, and that he was done caring and everything. so I told him the actual story and that he was taking thing's way too far. and that I'm just friends with the guy, but he still doesn't believe me.

For 1 Me and my ex aren't even dating anymore, but then again Me and My ex broke up and then I heard some girl was trying to get with him, while me and my ex were trying to fix thing's together and maybe were going to get back together, so it made me mad and a little bit jealous. so now he holds that against me , as if I got mad at him for doing something like that,and now he's saying that It's the same thing now that I was doing and that I led to him. but were not trying to fix thing's anymore. what would you say or think of this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • hes got no right what so ever to be mad.

    you 2 broke up 3 weeks ago, its hardly he's business anymore if you even go out with 5 guys?

    thow obviously from this you can see he never accsepted the breaking up and still thinks of you as his gf. So he's being overprotective and obviously thinks that your CHEATING on him...

    Unless you plan on getting back togheter with him... I wouln't burder thinking about it much more... just ignore... its none of he's business what you do now

    • Thanks. that's exactly what I was thinking. lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Okay here's the thing. I recently had a similar situation. My ex also heard (actually, lets be honest, gathered information) that I had been out with this guy a couple of times. He came at me with the whole, "I'm being dishonest, and shady" argument. So, here's what I have to say: he is an EX boyfriend. Therefore, the same expectations that may have applied WHILE you guys were dating, DO NOT APPLY when you are not. He is on a "need to know" basis!

    Good luck lady.

    • Yess, I agree and I already told him that too. thanks:)

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