Moving on... trying to anyways. I want to be friends?

Hello all... There's this girl who I dated for about six months. In the beginning our relationship was slow. It was almost cute. we were to shy when it came to holding hands, even when we were close. we eventually holded hands as time passed and the great thing about it was never forced. when the time came I decided to tell her the words that many of us are very cautious about, because it takes down the wall and exposes our hearts that we all try to protect. "I love you". I went all formal to her parents and ask them if they can give me permission date there daughter. (nobody does that these days) I wanted to win their trust and respect. Soon after our relationship was fleeting with roses and romantic words, in which I would always write in a letter, to give to her almost every month to let her know how much she means to me. Then as time passed by, she told me a few of many things of her terrible past which some or many would take advantage from. I told that her it didn't matter and that I accepted her who she was now. tears were shed and by that I mean of joy. I was always trying to be the best boyfriend there is, by showing support many ways more than one. our love should have skyrocketed from there. It didn't... when it came the time that I needed the support she didn't help me. To her family that gave me their blessing to marry this girl (crazy I know) and told me that they would support me as well. Didn't come to my aid. I was devasted. Betrayal in every corner... depressed and angry I am. But even so... a fool many would say by me saying this. Even though she's immature, naive, a hypocrite to boot, and super bi-polar... a bitter pill to swallow... but I forgive her... I don't want her back... but neither do I want to make her enemy... I'm christian and all I want to do is help her... she goes to therapy (even while we were dating) she has problems. I don't know what to do.


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  • ok give her time


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